The Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS) is part of the HSE, and is responsible for making payments to healthcare professionals, like GPs, dentists and pharmacists, for the free or reduced costs services they provide to the public. So, when you visit the GP using your Medical Card, or when you are only charged the monthly threshold amount for your medicine under the Drugs Payment Scheme, it is the HSE PCRS who pays the GP and pharmacist on your behalf. PCRS supports the delivery of primary healthcare by providing reimbursement services to primary care contractors for the provision of health services to members of the public in their own community. Almost all payments for publicly funded healthcare services provided in the community by General Practitioners, Community Pharmacies, Dentists and Optometrists/Ophthalmologists are made by the PCRS. In addition to the processing and making of payments on a national basis to key customers, the PCRS compiles statistics and trend analyses which are provided to other areas within the HSE, the Government, customers, stakeholders and to members of the public. Formerly the General Medical Service (Payments) Board.

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