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dc.contributor.authorHealth Service Executive (HSE)
dc.descriptionOur vision is that all children in Ireland are safe and achieving their full potential. According to the UNCRC children have the right to survive, to be protected from harm and exploitation, to develop fully and to participate in decisions which affect their wellbeing. In addition they deserve respect, information, support and prevention services, and an opportunity to help decide how to attain a healthy future. Unquestionably many of these rights are routinely undermined by problems relating to alcohol and other drugs. Problematic use of alcohol and other drugs is a complex issue and continues to be one of the most significant health and social challenges facing our society. Considering that 1.34 million4 people have a harmful drinking pattern, this affects families, friends and communities and can have serious implications for outcomes for children from conception right throughout their life span and for their parents and siblings. Children living in these circumstances may underachieve at school and are often expected to be carers to their parents at an unacceptably young age. They can also develop mental health problems due to ongoing emotional strain, get drawn into antisocial behaviour and crime, and may have little prospect of a productive and fulfilling life. Children living with or affected by parental problem alcohol and other drug use can go on to have problems with alcohol and other drugs and so the cycle continues. International evidence5 shows that many parents presenting for treatment for addiction have experienced post-traumatic stress as a result of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse6. The cognitive and emotional impact of trauma on parents and children requires recognition if families are to be appropriately supported and services are to be resourced to respond. The high correlation between domestic abuse and mental health issues in families impacted by alcohol and other drug use must be noted.en_US
dc.publisherTUSLA Child and Family Agencyen_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectCHILD HEALTHen_US
dc.titleHidden Harm Strategic Statement:en_US
or.authorChild and Family Agency

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