• The feasibility of audiologists removing earwax.

      Browne, T; Fourie, R (Irish Medical Journal, 2014-11)
      Although cerumen management (CM) is routinely performed by audiologists in some countries, this is currently not the case in the Republic of Ireland. This study involved surveying the opinions of Audiologists and Ear Nose and Throat specialists (ENTs) in relation to audiologists conducting CM. In total, 20 ENT Consultants (29%) and 51 audiologists (64%) in the public services responded to an online survey. There was agreement that CM should be within audiologists' remit. However, with regard to risk, opinions were significantly different, with 15 ENTs (75%), compared to 14 audiologists (27%), in agreement that CM management by audiologists was more risky to patients. Nevertheless, 62 respondents (87%) supported future CM training for audiologists. The. overall similarities of opinion between the two groups contrasted to previous studies that reported strong opposition from ENTs with regard to audiologists managing earwax.