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dc.descriptionHepatitis B infection may result in serious illness and death. Although Ireland has a relatively low rate of hepatitis B infection, notifications of the disease have risen in the Eastern Region in the past few years. Adequate control of hepatitis B at population level is dependent upon good systems for surveillance and contact tracing, as well as implementation of appropriate immunisation programmes. A safe and effective hepatitis B vaccine is available. The national policy on hepatitis B control is outlined in the National Immunisation Guidelines. The Eastern Region policy is nominally in keeping with this national policy. However, deficiencies have been identified in the implementation of this policy in the Region, particularly in relation to the following: • vaccination coverage in some high risk groups is less than optimal • surveillance systems are inadequate • there are no formal contact tracing services • there is a lack of co-ordination in hepatitis B control and responsibilities are not clearly defined or understood adequate resources have not been committed to allow for best practice to be carried out.en_GB
dc.subjectHEPATITIS Ben_GB
dc.titleHepatitis B infection: surveillance and control in the Eastern region: from policy to practice.en_GB

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