• Congruence of pain assessment between nurses and emergency department patients: a replication.

      Duignan, Martin; Dunn, Virginia; Emergency Department, Our Lady's Hospital, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. martin.duignan@hse.ie (International emergency nursing, 2008-01)
      To ascertain congruence between patients' self-report of pain intensity and nurses' assessment of their pain intensity.
    • Functional exercise after total hip replacement (FEATHER): a randomised control trial.

      Monaghan, Brenda; Grant, Tim; Hing, Wayne; Cusack, Tara; Department of Physiotherapy, Our Lady's Hospital, Navan, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland. Brenda.monaghan@hse.ie (2012-11)
      Prolonged physical impairments in range of movement, postural stability and walking speed are commonly reported following total hip replacement (THR). It is unclear from the current body of evidence what kind of exercises should be performed to maximize patient function and quality of life.