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dc.contributor.authorHealth Service Executive (HSE)
dc.contributor.authorByrne, Michael
dc.descriptionConducting research is a complex process that involves many steps and a range of competencies (see Figure 1). The purpose of this guidebook is to help HSCPs navigate these steps effectively. To this end, it boasts contributions from esteemed researchers from various fields in health and social care who share their knowledge on a range of topics. The reader is taken on a journey from the initial steps in research such as formulating research designs, applying for research funding and conducting a literature review, through to the ethical approval process, the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, and finally to the output and publication phase. How research is applied to the ‘real world’ is also addressed in articles that examine organisational issues surrounding research and the conducting of service evaluations within health settings. Although subsequent editions of the guidebook will address additional issues, the reader is provided with an overview of what it takes for health-orientated research to work, from start to finish. Building on recommendations from the 2011 Survey of the Research Activity, Skills and Training Needs of HSCPs in Ireland, the guidebook aims to develop and enhance the research competencies of HSCPs and to ultimately progress a research appreciative culture whereby research is prioritised and used to drive service innovation. In the long term, the aspiration is that national and regional research infrastructures will be established so that research activities of strategic priority within the health service can be driven. This is especially relevant in a time of limited resources. This guidebook complements our inaugural HSCP annual research conference scheduled for February 2013, as organised by our recently established Research Sub-group of the HSCP Education and Development Advisory Group. This conference will include inter-disciplinary practise-based workshops, and oral and poster presentations. Alongside this, an online HSCP hub (that includes a research section) has been launched on the web portal HSELanD (profiled in Appendix B). Also profiled in the guidebook (in Appendix A) is the online health repository, ‘Lenus’ which is an important resource for HSCPs. All of these initiatives aim to inspire HSCPs to increase their research activity so that together we can drive evidenced-based practice and make real changes in the delivery of our health and social care services.en_GB
dc.publisherHealth Service Executive (HSE)en_GB
dc.rightsCC-BY 4.0*
dc.titleHow to conduct research for service improvement: a guidebook for Health & Social Care Professionalsen_GB
dc.contributor.departmentHealth Service Executive (HSE) West, Roscommonen_GB

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