Publications by staff affiliated to Roscommon County Hospital

Recent Submissions

  • Research, recovery and mental health: challenges and opportunities.

    Collins, Pádraig; Crowe, Sa; Roscommon Primary Care Psychology Service (Emerald Group Publishing, 2016)
  • Recovery and practice-based evidence: reconnecting the diverging discourses in mental health.

    Collins, Pádraig; Crowe, Sarah; Roscommon Primary Care Psychology Service (Emerald Group Publishing, 2017)
  • See and Treat Model of Care Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery In Roscommon Hospital

    Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery In Roscommon Hospital (2015-10)
  • Improving the uptake of systematic reviews: a systematic review of intervention effectiveness and relevance.

    Wallace, John; Byrne, Charles; Clarke, Mike (2014)
    Little is known about the barriers, facilitators and interventions that impact on systematic review uptake. The objective of this study was to identify how uptake of systematic reviews can be improved.
  • Developing an integrated approach to the mental health issues in Pakistan.

    Tahir Khalily, Muhammad; Department of Psychology, Mental Health Service, Roscommon, Ireland. (2011-09)
  • Psychological assessment through performance-based techniques and self-reports: a case study of a sexually abused girl at preschool age.

    Khalily, Muhammad Tahir; Hallahan, Brian; Roscommon Mental Health Services, County Hospital Roscommon, Ireland. (2011-05)
    We investigated the implicit psychological and behavioral consequences of sexual abuse in an adolescent girl who suffered child sexual abuse at preschool age in this case report. We report the manifestations of this abuse on her personality and psychological functioning using a structured clinical interview and a comprehensive psychological battery including the Beck Anxiety Inventory, the Beck Depression Inventory, the Standard Progressive Matrices, Rorschach Ink Blots, and the Schema Mode Inventory. These investigations were useful in formulating both a diagnosis and a management plan. The girl fulfilled diagnostic criteria for a major depressive episode and borderline personality disorder. This combination of psychological testing may be useful in establishing an accurate multiaxial diagnosis and for understanding the behavioral and psychological sequelae of child sexual abuse in similar cases. The study further suggests that schema-focused therapy is a useful therapeutic tool for individuals who have suffered child sexual abuse at an early age and who have borderline personality disorder.
  • Management of traumatic head injuries in a rural Irish hospital: implications of the NICE guidelines.

    Kelly, J C; O'Callaghan, A; Mc Mullin, L; Clinton, O; Binchy, J; Department of Surgery and Emergency Medicine, Roscommon County Hospital, Roscommon, Ireland. (2010-12)
    The NICE guidelines were published in 2003 in an effort to standardise the management of traumatic head injuries, and advise a CT brain in certain situations.
  • Developing a coordinated response to drug abuse in Pakistan.

    Khalily, Muhammad Tahir; Psychology Department and Addiction Treatment Unit, Mental Health Services, Roscommon, Ireland. (2010-03)
    This paper describes moves towards the coordination of efforts to respond to the worsening drug abuse situation in Pakistan which affects all segments of society. The efforts reported seek to rectify inconsistencies in treatment policy resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes. Examples of collaborative strategies with encouraging results need further underpinning and expansion. There is, however, a lack of realization at the policy level of the need to effect changes in treatment formulated on a consistent and evidence-based approach. Policy has therefore been reviewed and proposals made for a comprehensive treatment strategy in line with international best practices to deal with this problem effectively and efficiently. Establishment of an addiction study centre at university level to continue professional and academic development is suggested.