• Delivering an effective elearning program for psychiatrists in Ireland – a framework for other health professionals (presentation)

      Lawton, Aoife; Health Service Executive (HSE) (Health Informatics Society of Ireland (HISI), 2010-11-18)
      Up until September 2010 teaching was delivered in person by the College of Psychiatry in Ireland to its students. A move towards elearning was initiated and as part of this move, an online instruction module in “Health Information Literacy” based on the five steps of Evidence-Based-Medicine was developed. The Systems Librarian from the Health Service Executive wrote the content which was reviewed by a senior Psychiatrist in the college. The Librarian worked with the e-learning specialist at the College to develop the online e-tutorial. This consisted of seven lessons. Feedback to date has been positive. At the end of the module, participants received a certificate of achievement. The methodology used for this course could be expanded to other medical disciplines.
    • Embracing Lenus - the Irish health repository

      Lawton, Aoife; Byrne, Michael; Health Service Executive (HSE) (2012-04-25)
      Of relevance to healthcare professionals engaged in research and those who want to deliver evidence-based clinical care, this article describes a relatively new health repository called Lenus (www.lenus.ie). Although managed by the Health Service Executive (HSE), it is freely accessible on the World Wide Web. The benefits and functionality of the system are outlined and an appeal for content submission is made to all Irish health professionals, and in particular to psychologists, who are engaged in research and/or publishing their findings.
    • Irish health knowledge resources: librarians [presentation]

      Lawton, Aoife; Health Service Executive (HSE) (Health Service Executive (HSE), 2011-02-11)
    • Lenus from healing God to health repository

      Lawton, Aoife; Health Service Executive (HSE) (Library Association of Ireland (LAI), 2009-10)
      Institutional repositories (IRs) represent a new wave of electronic library growth and collection development. At first IRs proved popular in academic institutions but increasingly they are gaining momentum in other types of organisations. This article examines the definition and purpose of IRs and explores their application in the Irish health library sector. Particular focus is given to ‘Lenus’ (named after the Celtic God of Healing) the Irish Health Repository – a national resource developed and managed at the Regional Library & Information Service (RLIS), HSE, Dr. Steevens’ Hospital.
    • LENUS – providing a platform for Irish health research

      White, Gethin; Health Service Executive (HSE) (2010)
    • Managing a national health repository

      Lawton, Aoife; Manning, Padraig; Health Service Executive (HSE) (Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), 2014-03-18)
    • Research and Open Access publishing

      Manning, Padraig; Health Service Executive (HSE) (Health Service Excutive (HSE), 2015-04)
    • The value of health libraries and librarians to the Irish health system

      Lawton, Aoife; Health Service Executive (HSE) (Irish Medical Organisation, 2014-03-18)