• Ophthalmic manifestations of vitamin A and D deficiency in two autistic teenagers: case reports and a review of the literature.

      Duignan, Emma; Kenna, Paul; Watson, Rosemarie; Fitzsimon, Susan; Brosnahan, Donal (Karger Publishing, 2015-01)
      We describe the cases of 2 autistic children with ophthalmic and systemic manifestations of vitamin A deficiency due to food faddism. Although vitamin A deficiency is common in the developing world, reports in developed societies are rare. Our patients presented over a 1-year period. The patients were 14 and 13 years old at the time of presentation and were both found to have marked features of vitamin A deficiency related to unusual dietary habits. Anterior segment signs of xerophthalmia were present in both patients. In addition, patient 1 showed evidence of a rod-predominant retinopathy, which resolved with vitamin A supplementation. Due to its rare occurrence, hypovitaminosis A must be highlighted and anticipated in this cohort.
    • Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital annual report and accounts,1996: celebrating 100 years.

      Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hosital, 1997)
      The Dublin Eye and Ear Hospital Act, 1897 came in to force on 15th July 1897. The Act provided for the amalgamation of the National Eye and Ear Hospital in Molesworth Street (founded in 1814) and St Mark's Ophthalmic Hospital in Lincoln Place founded in 1844 by Sir William R. Wilde) and established this Hospital. We are therefore celebrating this year the completion of one hundred year of service by the Hospital to the citizens of Dublin and indeed to people from all parts of Ireland.