• Medical students views on selection tools for Medical School - a mixed methods study

      Stevens, L; Kelly, ME; Hennessy, M; Last, J; Dunne, F; O’Flynn, S (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2014-09)
      It is important to ensure that the tools used in Medical School selection are acceptable to students and applicants. A questionnaire was administered to year 1 medical students in 2010 to determine the suitability of a variety of selection tools and the acceptability of HPAT-Ireland in particular. There were 291 respondents a 77% response rate representing approximately one third of all school leaver entrants that year. While the majority 285( 98%) were in favour of using school leaving examinations there was also support for the use of interviews 215 (74%) and other tools. Three quarters of Irish respondents 159 (76%) agreed that HPAT-Ireland is a fair test overall however section 3 (non-verbal reasoning) appeared lees acceptable and relevant than other sections. A little over half had taken a preparatory HPAT -Ireland course 112 (54%).