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  • Monoparesis secondary to herpes zoster.

    Bilal, S; Iqbal, M; O'Moore, B; Alam, J; Suliman, A; Department of Internal Medicine, Louth County Hospital, Dundalk, Ireland. (2011-06)
    We describe a 90-year-old woman with right upper limb monoparesis secondary to varicella zoster virus infection as a result of extensive inflammatory involvement of the entire brachial plexus at root level. To our knowledge, this is the first report of entire brachial plexus involvement in a living patient of such advanced age. Despite a delay in presentation and thus initiation of treatment, a favourable clinical response was observed.
  • Giant sigmoid diverticulum with coexisting metastatic rectal carcinoma: a case report.

    Sasi, Walid; Hamad, Issam; Quinn, Aidan; Nasr, Abdul Rahman; Department of Surgery, Louth County Hospital, Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland. (2010)
    This report shows that the presence of a co-existing distal colorectal cancer can potentially lead to progressive development of a colonic diverticulum to become a giant diverticulum by increasing colonic intra-luminal pressure and through the ball-valve mechanism. This may be of interest to practising surgeons and surgical trainees.