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  • Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland annual report 1995

    Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland (Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland, 1995)
    The hospital and dispensary were originally founded in 1876 at Usher's Island on Dublin's Quays where the work of treating cases of club foot, spinal infections, hip disease and other deformities and diseases was carried out successfully for seven years. In 1883 the increase in the number of cases rendered a change necessary, as Usher's Island had only six beds. Accordingly two houses were taken in Great Brunswick Street formally known as Hood's Hotel, capable of holding thirty five beds. For some years the work of the hospital was ca rried out there until the demand for admissions became so great that the Governors considered more extensive accommodation was required which was obtained at Upper Merrion Street. This was considered to be the largest private mansion in Dublin and was formally occupied by Captain Sheddon. The adaptation of this residential mansion to the needs of a hospital entailed great expense. Considerable renovations were necessary to enable the building to function as a hospital with operating theatre, sterilising room, anaesthetic room and up-to-date medical and non-medical facilities. The capacity of the house in Merrion Street was 63 beds with an additional 16 bed verandah, the first of its kind in the British Isles at the time. The present premises at Blackheath, Clontarf were purchased in 1940 and a verandah was again added. On the 29th June, 1941, patients, staff and equipment were all transferred to the new premises. In 1951 a Physiotherapy Hall was built followed by a Nurses' Home in 1952. In 1975 the new Out-Patient Clinic Building opened and in 1990 the Private Wing and Oratory were completed. The existing services include Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Social Therapy, Varicose Vein/Leg and Children's Orthopaedic Out-Patient Clinics. The hospital can now accommodate 104 adult patients and construction of a new 64 bed ward block comprising Phase 1 of a planned New Hospital Development commenced in May 1995 with an anticipated handover date of April 1996. The Project Team is currently considering the brief for the next Phase of the Hospital's Development
  • The Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland annual report 2009

    The Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland (The Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland, 2010)