• Looked after children in Dublin and their mental health needs.

      McNicholas, F; O'Connor, N; Bandyopadhyay, G; Doyle, P; O'Donovan, A; Belton, M; Lucena Clinic, 59 Orwell Rd, Rathgar, Dublin 6. fiona.mcnicholas@sjog.ie (2011-04)
      Children in care in Ireland have increased by 27% in the last decade. This population is recognized to be among the most vulnerable. This study aims to describe their placement histories, service use and mental health needs. Data was obtained on 174 children (56.5% of eligible sample) with a mean age of 10.83 (SD = 5.04). 114 (65.5%) were in care for three years or more. 29 (16.7%) did not have a SW and 49 (37.7%) had no GP 50 (28.7%) were attending CAMHS. Long term care, frequent placement changes and residential setting were significantly related with poorer outcomes and increased MH contact. Given the increase in numbers in care and the overall decrease in resource allocation to health and social care, individual care planning and prioritizing of resources are essential.