• Caregiver psychoeducation for first-episode psychosis.

      McWilliams, Stephen; Egan, Patrick; Jackson, Deirdre; Renwick, Laoise; Foley, Sharon; Behan, Caragh; Fitzgerald, Emma; Fetherston, Alastair; Turner, Niall; Kinsella, Anthony; et al. (2010-01)
      International best-practice guidelines for the management of first-episode psychosis have recommended the provision of psychoeducation for multifamily groups. While there is ample evidence of their efficacy in multiepisode psychosis, there is a paucity of evidence supporting this approach specifically for first-episode psychosis. We sought to determine whether a six-week caregiver psychoeducation programme geared specifically at first-episode psychosis improves caregiver knowledge and attitudes.
    • Concurrent cocaine and alcohol use in individuals presenting to an addiction treatment program

      Lyne, J.; O’Donoghue, B.; Clancy, M.; Kinsella, A.; O’Gara, C. (2010-06)