• Better off in the community? A 5-year follow up study of long-term psychiatric patients discharged into the community.

      McInerney, Shane J; Finnerty, Susan; Avalos, Gloria; Walsh, Elizabeth; Galway Mental Health Services, Galway, Ireland. shane.mcinerney1@hse.ie (2010-04)
      The quality of life of long-term psychiatric inpatients relocated to the community was investigated in this study. The aim was to investigate what changes, if any occurred, on standardised quality of life related instruments between discharge from hospital and at 1 year after discharge into the community. We were also interested to see if these changes continued 5 years after discharge into the community.
    • Clozapine-induced severe mixed hyperlipidemia: a case report.

      Ahmed, Mohamed; Griffin, Damian; O'Toole, Ray; McDonald, Colm; Department of Psychiatry, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland. mohamed.ahmed@nuigalway.ie (2009-01)
      To highlight the association between the use of clozapine and the early development of severe mixed hyperlipidemia, a condition that substantially increases the risk of cardiovascular events and other medical complications.
    • The occurrence of neurological symptoms in currently abstinent misusers of alcohol.

      Khalily, M T; Hallahan, B; Department of Psychology, Roscommon Mental Health Services, School of Psychology, National University of Ireland, Galway, Galway, Ireland. khalily64@yahoo.com (2012-12)
      Significant neurological symptoms may be overlooked because of the traditional view that the non-Korsakoff's psychosis, middle aged alcoholic misuser is neurologically preserved.