• Promoting psychiatry as a career option for Ghanaian medical students through a public-speaking competition.

      Agyapong, Vincent Israel Opoku; McLoughlin, Declan; Department of Psychiatry, University of Dublin, St Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. israelhans@hotmail.com (2012-05-01)
      Authors assessed the impact of a public-speaking competition on the level of interest in psychiatry of Ghanaian medical students.
    • Shared care between specialised psychiatric services and primary care: The experiences and expectations of General Practitioners in Ireland.

      Agyapong, Vincent Israel Opoku; Jabbar, Faiza; Conway, Catherine; Department of Psychiatry, University of Dublin Trinity College. (2012-04-17)
      Objective. The study aims to explore the views of General Practitioners in Ireland on shared care between specialised psychiatric services and primary care. Method. A self-administered questionnaire was designed and posted to 400 randomly selected General Practitioners working in Ireland. Results. Of the respondents, 189 (94%) reported that they would support a general policy on shared care between primary care and specialised psychiatric services for patients who are stable on their treatment. However, 124 (61.4%) reported that they foresaw difficulties for patients in implementing such a policy including: a concern that primary care is not adequately resourced with allied health professionals to support provision of psychiatric care (113, 53.2%); a concern this would result in increased financial burden on some patients (89, 48.8%); a lack of adequate cooperation between primary care and specialised mental health services (84, 41.8%); a concern that some patients may lack confidence in GP care (55, 27.4%); and that primary care providers are not adequately trained to provide psychiatric care (29, 14.4% ). Conclusion. The majority of GPs in Ireland would support a policy of shared care of psychiatric patients; however they raise significant concerns regarding practical implications of such a policy in Ireland.