• Primary angiitis of the central nervous system with diffuse cerebral mass effect and giant cells.

      Kinsella, J A; O'Brien, W; Mullins, G M; Brewer, J; Whyte, S; Department of Neurology, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin, Incorporating, the National Children's Hospital, Trinity College Dublin, Tallaght, Dublin 24,, Ireland. justinkinsella@gmail.com <justinkinsella@gmail.com> (2012-02-01)
      Primary angiitis of the central nervous system (PACNS), also called primary CNS vasculitis, is an idiopathic inflammatory condition affecting only intracranial and spinal cord vessels, particularly medium-sized and smaller arteries and arterioles. Angiography and histopathology typically do not reveal evidence of systemic vasculitis.(1,2) Histopathology usually reveals granulomatous inflammation affecting arterioles and small arteries of the parenchyma and/or leptomeninges, similar to that seen in Takayasu's or giant cell arteritis.(1-3) We report a patient with biopsy-proven PACNS with giant cells and cerebral mass effect on MRI. Magnetic resonance angiography and cerebral angiography appeared normal and there was no evidence of extracranial vasculitis.