• Imported childhood malaria: the Dublin experience, 1999-2006.

      Leahy, T R; Malikiwi, A; Cafferkey, M; Butler, K M; Department of Paediatrics, Adelaide and Meath Hospitals, incorporating the National Children's Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland. tronanleahy@hotmail.com (2009-09)
      Imported childhood malaria has never been studied in Ireland. We aimed to document the incidence and species of malaria in children presenting to paediatric hospitals in Dublin and to examine management and outcome measures.
    • 'Not another UTI ... '.

      Redmond, Patrick; O'Shea, Brendan; Crowe, Morgan; TCD/HSE General Practice Training Scheme, Trinity College Centre for Health Sciences, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24, Ireland. predmond@rcsi.ie (Age and ageing, 2012-07)
      Malaria includes a global disease burden with approximately 300-500 million cases worldwide annually. Varied symptomatology creates a diagnostic challenge. This is a case report of a stroke rehabilitation facility resident who developed Plasmodium ovale infection, several months post-exposure. Physicians should maintain a broad list of differential diagnoses, thinking beyond the range of common diagnoses.