• Infliximab-associated alveolitis after treatment for severe left-sided ulcerative colitis.

      Veerappan, Sundaram G; O'Morain, Colm A; Department of Gastroenterology, Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin,, Republic of Ireland. sveerappan@rcsi.ie (2012-02-01)
      Here we describe a patient with ulcerative colitis who developed alveolitis after infliximab therapy. With earlier case reports of development of alveolitis in rheumatoid arthritis patients after infliximab infusion, the temporal relationship between the infliximab therapy and the development of alveolitis in this case, raises the possibility that the two might be causally related. With an increasing trend towards treating moderate to severely active ulcerative colitis patients with infliximab as a rescue therapy, clinicians should be aware of this potentially serious complication.