• The addition of ondansetron to a oral rehydration protocol for children with acute gastroenteritis

      Mullarkey, C; Crowley, E; Martin, C (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2013-10)
      This study describes the introduction of Ondansetron to an established waiting room Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) for Emergency Department (ED) children with acute gastroenteritis, and evaluates its impact on intravenous fluid administration and admissions. Children who failed initial ORT while waiting further medical assessment received Ondansetron and ORT reattempted. Data collected over a six week period in 2009 was compared to a similar period in 2008 when children received ORT without an anti-emetic. Outcome measures included intravenous fluid administration, admission. Rates of IVF administration reduced by 19% [88/215 (40.9%) in 2008, 51/234 (21.7%) in 2009, p < 0.0001] with a 1.6% reduction in admission rates [31/215 (14.41%) vs 30/234(12.82%) p=0.62]. Thirty four patients received Ondansetron, 79% were successfully rehydrated orally. The addition of Ondansetron to our established ORT programme has successfully reduced rates of IVF administration and admissions in children with gastroenteritis.