• Is the current BST ePortfolio fulfilling its role in the training of clinical medicine SHOs?

      Grennan, S; Crowley, S; Quidwai, S; Barrett, O; Kooblall, M (Irish Medical Journal, 2016-01)
      While the objective recording of clinical competencies in an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) has become a key aspect of basic specialist training (BST), it continues to divide opinion. We surveyed medical trainees and their supervisors in the Dublin region examining their views of the ePortfolio and workplace-based assessments (WPBAs). Responses were received from 27 of 149 (18.1%) SHOs and 24 of 307 (7.9%) consultants. Our results highlight significant dissatisfaction amongst trainees with 20 (74.1%) stating that the ePortfolio is not an effective educational tool. Consultants had more mixed views. While 16 (66.7%) reported that feedback sessions were useful for trainee development, only 4 (16.7%) found the ePortfolio to be useful in highlighting trainees’ strengths and weaknesses. Although other studies have emphasised its educational potential, our results suggest that practical barriers, such as time constraints and a lack of training, lead to poor engagement and a negative view of the ePortfolio.