• Maternal post natal hospital readmission-trends and association with mode of delivery.

      Ade-Conde, J A; Alabi, O; Higgins, S; Visvalingam, G; Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, Co Louth. tunjitola@yahoo.com (2012-02-01)
      The aim of this study is to examine the trend in maternal postnatal readmission within six weeks of discharge from childbirth hospitalisation. It is a retrospective review of the maternity computer records system, patient's clinical notes and HIPE data base. All women who delivered babies weighing > 500 g and/ > or = 24 weeks gestational age at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, Ireland from 1st January 2005 to 31st December 2008 who were re-hospitalised within six weeks of discharge from hospital following child birth were included in the study. A total of 15782 women were delivered over the four year study period. Of these, 236 were readmitted. A series of chi-square analysis were conducted to assess the difference in readmission rates between the year 2008 86 (2.03%) and the years 2005-51(1.46%), 2006-39 (1.01%) and 2007-60 (1.42%). The readmission rate was found to be significantly higher in 2008 compared with the three preceding years. Complications of Caesarean section and secondary postpartum haemorrhage following spontaneous vaginal delivery constitute the major indications for readmission.