• Ureteric angioplasty balloon placement to increase localised dosage of BCG for renal pelvis TCC.

      Forde, J C; O'Connor, K M; Fanning, D M; Guiney, M J; Grainger, R; Department of Urology, St. James's Hospital, James's St., Dublin 8. fordejames@yahoo.com (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2012-03)
      Endoscopic percutaneous resection of a renal pelvis transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) is a viable treatment option in those who would be rendered dialysis dependent following a nephroureterectomy. We report endoscopic percutaneous resection of an upper tract TCC recurrence in a single functioning kidney followed by antegrade renal pelvis BCG instillation with novel placement of inflated angioplasty balloon in the ureter to help localise its effect.