• Dilaceration of a mandibular incisor: case report.

      McNamara, T G; McNamara, C M; Eastern Health Board, Regional Orthodontic Department, St. James's Hospital, Dublin 8, Ireland. (2000-02)
      The various theories of tooth eruption are discussed and a dilacerated mandibular incisor which illustrates the diversity of potential for teeth to erupt, is reported.
    • Facial talon cusps.

      McNamara, T; Haeussler, A M; Keane, J; Regional Orthodontic Department, St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. (1997-12)
      This is a report of two patients with isolated facial talon cusps. One occurred on a permanent mandibular central incisor; the other on a permanent maxillary canine. The locations of these talon cusps suggests that the definition of a talon cusp include teeth in addition to the incisor group and be extended to include the facial aspect of teeth.
    • Root abnormalities, talon cusps, dentes invaginati with reduced alveolar bone levels: case report.

      McNamara, C M; Garvey, M T; Winter, G B; Regional Orthodontic Department, St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. (1998-03)
      This is a case report of a Caucasian female who presented with an unusual combination of dental anomalies: short roots on the maxillary central incisors and premolars, talon cusps, dentes invaginati, low alveolar bone heights, tubercles of Carabelli on the maxillary first and second permanent molars, with pyramidal root morphology in three of the second permanent molars. None of the anomalies alone are particularly uncommon but they have not previously been reported together. The occurrence of the anomalies is probably incidental as the conditions are aetiologically unrelated.
    • An unusual exit point from an electrocution injury.

      Davidson, Claire C; Orr, David J; Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, St. James's Hospital, Dublin 8, Ireland. credahan@yahoo.co.uk (2010-08)