• The SGBS cell strain as a model for the in vitro study of obesity and cancer.

      Allott, Emma H; Oliver, Elizabeth; Lysaght, Joanne; Gray, Steven G; Reynolds, John V; Roche, Helen M; Pidgeon, Graham P; Department of Surgery, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, Institute of Molecular Medicine, St James' Hospital, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. (2012-10)
      The murine adipocyte cell line 3T3-L1 is well characterised and used widely, while the human pre-adipocyte cell strain, Simpson-Golabi-Behmel Syndrome (SGBS), requires validation for use in human studies. Obesity is currently estimated to account for up to 41 % of the worldwide cancer burden. A human in vitro model system is required to elucidate the molecular mechanisms for this poorly understood association. This work investigates the relevance of the SGBS cell strain for obesity and cancer research in humans.