• Insights and concerns of patients and GPs regarding introduction of universal health insurance in Ireland

      Breen, N; MacEoin, S; Loy, A; O’Shea, B; Darker, C (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2015-10)
      The implementation of a universal health insurance (UHI) model is a key political policy in Ireland. The objective here was to determine the understanding of general practitioners (GPs) and patients regarding UHI, its implementation and impact on both sets of stakeholders. Postal questionnaire to GPs, and opportunistic survey sampling of patients in two different GP practices were carried out. Response rates were 92.5% (patients) and 78% (GPs). 79.4% of patients (n=418) and 96.7% of GPs (n=149) have a â poorâ understanding of how UHI will be implemented. 89% (n=493) of patients and 98.7% (n=153) of GPs feel government communication about UHI has been â poorâ . 98.1% of GPs (n=152) and 77.3% of patients (n=383) are not confident that â UHI will be ready for implementation by 2015â . Neither stakeholder group is confident in the governmentâ s ability to deliver UHI within the given timeframe. There is a lack of knowledge and consultation on proposals for its implementation.