• Anticipate study protocol: Baseline profile and care outcomes of patients attending Mater Misericordiae University Hospital with COVID-19 infection.

      Avramovic, Gordana; McHugh, Tina; Connolly, Stephen P; Cullen, Walter; Lambert, John S (2021-01-18)
      Background: While the COVID-19 pandemic is currently impacting on health and social care in Ireland, this impact is most marked in metropolitan Dublin. This is especially the case for the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH) in Dublin's North Inner, which is situated in an area where local socially deprived communities are at high risk of infection and of experiencing adverse outcomes. Aims: To determine baseline characteristics and longer-term care outcomes of COVID-19 patients presenting to / attending the Infectious Diseases Department at MMUH, including the virtual clinic. Methods: Retrospective study: we will retrospectively examine clinical records and extract anonymised data on patient demographics, baseline morbidity and outcomes. Prospective study: we will prospectively examine healthcare outcomes among patients who consent to follow up at two time points (three months, and six months to 12 months after discharge/onset of disease). Two patient groups will be assessed for morbid complications: those hospitalised with COVID infection and those followed-up remotely with confirmed COVID infection. Deliverables: The project will involve collaboration with Ireland's Health Service Executive (HSE) Clinical Programmes and Ireland East Hospital Group to inform health service policies that will attenuate the adverse impacts of the COVID pandemic on population health. This research protocol will evaluate morbid complications of COVID depending on the severity of the disease.