• Pick 'n' mix: neuropatholgical detection of peri-tumour taupathy.

      Lonergan, Roisin; Carthy, Fiona; Alexander, Michael; Roberts, Kinley; Farrell, Michael; Lynch, Timothy; Mater Misericordiae Hospital; Neuropathology Department Beaumont Hospital. (2013-11)
      Radiotherapy is used to treat recurrent oligodendrogliomas, WHO grade 2 tumours. Potential morbitities include steroid-responsive radiation necrosis and radiation leucoencephalopathy, characterised pathologically by reactive astrogliosis, focal necrosis, demyelination, axonal loss, and clinically by progressive subcortical deficits (ataxia, amnesia, incontinence, cognitive decline), with relative sparing of cortical function. Although subcortical features may overlap with neurodegenerative conditions (eg frontotemporal dementia), focal cortical atrophy of FTD causes loss of language function in addition to memory, and specific histopathological features characterise FTD subtypes (eg Pick disease). Association between mitotic disease and tauopathy has not been reported widely, but co-existence is possible. Diagnostic accuracy may guide management.