• Botulinum toxin for treatment of glandular hypersecretory disorders.

      Laing, T A; Laing, M E; O'Sullivan, S T; Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cork University Hospital, Cork,, Ireland. (2012-02-03)
      SUMMARY: The use of botulinum toxin to treat disorders of the salivary glands is increasing in popularity in recent years. Recent reports of the use of botulinum toxin in glandular hypersecretion suggest overall favourable results with minimal side-effects. However, few randomised clinical trials means that data are limited with respect to candidate suitability, treatment dosages, frequency and duration of treatment. We report a selection of such cases from our own department managed with botulinum toxin and review the current data on use of the toxin to treat salivary gland disorders such as Frey's syndrome, excessive salivation (sialorrhoea), focal and general hyperhidrosis, excessive lacrimation and chronic rhinitis.