• SVM detection of epileptiform activity in routine EEG.

      Kelleher, Daniel; Temko, Andriy; Nash, Derek; McNamara, Brian; Marnane, William; Department of Electrical Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland. danielkel@rennes.ucc.ie (2010)
      Routine electroencephalogram (EEG) is an important test in aiding the diagnosis of patients with suspected epilepsy. These recordings typically last 20-40 minutes, during which signs of abnormal activity (spikes, sharp waves) are looked for in the EEG trace. It is essential that events of short duration are detected during the routine EEG test. The work presented in this paper examines the effect of changing a range of input values to the detection system on its ability to distinguish between normal and abnormal EEG activity. It is shown that the length of analysis window in the range of 0.5s to 1s are well suited to the task. Additionally, it is reported that patient specific systems should be used where possible due to their better performance.