• Are we justified in doing blood tests ’routinely’ for all Neurosurgical patients?

      O’Grady, J; McCarthy, C; Kaliaperumal, C; Marks, JC; Kaar, G; O’Sullivan, M (Irish Medical Journal, 2013-01)
    • Dural AVM supplied by the ophthalmic artery.

      Flynn, T H; McSweeney, S; O'Connor, G; Kaar, G; Ryder, D Q; Department of Ophthalmology, Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland., t.flynn@ucl.ac.uk (2012-02-03)
      Dural arteriovenous malformations in the anterior cranial fossa are rare and are especially prone to haemorrhage. These lesions are usually treated by surgical excision. We report the embolization of an anterior cranial fossa DAVM using an endovascular approach via the ophthalmic artery.