• Damage to the superior gluteal nerve after the Hardinge approach to the hip.

      Ramesh, M; O'Byrne, J M; McCarthy, N; Jarvis, A; Mahalingham, K; Cashman, W F; Cork University Hospital, Ireland. (2012-02-03)
      We studied prospectively 81 consecutive patients undergoing hip surgery using the Hardinge (1982) approach. The abductor muscles of the hip in these patients were assessed electrophysiologically and clinically by the modified Trendelenburg test. Power was measured using a force plate. We performed assessment at two weeks, and at three and nine months after operation. At two weeks we found that 19 patients (23%) showed evidence of damage to the superior gluteal nerve. By three months, five of these had recovered. The nine patients with complete denervation at three months showed no signs of recovery when reassessed at nine months. Persistent damage to the nerve was associated with a positive Trendelenburg test.