• MRI of the brain of twins with twin twin transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)

      Lyons, A; Boyle, M; Foran, A; Ryan, S; Rotunda Hospital (2009)
    • MRI of the brain of twins with twin-twin transfusion syndrome

      Lyons, A; Boyle, M; Foran, A; Ryan, S (2011-11-22)
    • Postnatal MRI brain in infants treated for Twin–Twin Transfusion Syndrome

      Boyle, M; Lyons, A; Ryan, S; Malone, F; Foran, A; Ryan, S (Irish Medical Journal, 2015-09)
      Untreated twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is associated with significant mortality and neurological impairment. Fetoscopic laser surgery (FLS) is the treatment of choice. We sought to assess intracranial abnormalities in TTTS twins following treatment. In this prospective, blinded study MRI scans were performed on 3 groups; (1) monochorionic diamniotic (MCDA) twins with TTTS who had undergone FLS (n=10), (2) MCDA twins without TTTS (n=8) and (3) dichorionic twins (n=8). Scans were scored as either normal or abnormal. The primary outcome was a composite of abnormal MRI brain or intrauterine fetal demise. The primary outcome occurred in 6/10 (60%) of the TTTS group versus 3/8 (37.5%) in the MCDA group. The primary outcome was significantly different across all study groups [p = 0.029; X² = 7.112]. We found that twins treated for TTTS are more likely to have abnormalities on MRI brain at term than other twin groups. This group merits term-corrected MRI as part of their postnatal assessment