• Using lateral radiographs to determine umbilical venous catheter tip position in neonates

      Butler, G.C.; Al-Assaf, N; Tarrant, A; Ryan, S; EL-Khuffash, A (Irish Medical Journal, 2014-09)
      We aimed to assess the difference in measurement of the distance of the UVC tip from the diaphragm between (Anteroposterior) AP and lateral radiographs and to determine the reliability of the measurement of UVC tip distance from the diaphragm between the two views. A retrospective review of paired AP and lateral radiographs taken to assess UVC tip position was carried out in 25 infants was conducted and reliability analysis was carried out. There was a significant difference in the mean (SD) distance of the UVC catheter above the diaphragm between the AP and lateral radiographs: 8.7 (7.8) mm versus 11.6 (7.3) mm (p=0.003) respectively. Measurements using lateral radiographs were more reliable (Intraclass correlation coefficient: 0.99 vs. 0.93). Inter-observer reliability analysis yielded similar results. Lateral radiographs are more reliable in measurement of UVC tip position and should be performed in conjunction with AP films to aid in determining UVC position.