• Difficulties associated with diabetes management during the Junior Certificate examination

      Scully, D; Hawkes, CP; McGlacken-Byrne, SM; Murphy, N (Irish Medical Journal, 2014-05)
      The aim of this study was to describe the adherence to recommended diabetes care during the Junior Certificate, and the utilisation of available allowances for children with type 1 diabetes. Questionnaires were sent within 3 months of the examination to all adolescents and their families attending our service completing the Junior Certificate in June of 2012. Fifteen of the 25 (60%) patients/parents completed the questionnaires. Five (33%) had higher than usual glucose readings during the examination period and three (20%) experienced hypoglycaemia during at least one exam. Nine (60%) never checked capillary glucose levels during the exams. No patients left the examination area to perform diabetes related tasks. Thirteen (86%) brought fast acting glucose into the examination centre while only six (40%) brought a glucometer. Just four (27%) patients availed of the rest breaks allowed and six (40%) felt that their diabetes affected their examination performance