• Spinal level of myelomeningocele lesion as a contributing factor in posterior fossa volume, intracranial cerebellar volume, and cerebellar ectopia.

      Sweeney, Kieron J; Caird, John; Sattar, Muhammad Taufiq; Allcutt, David; Crimmins, Darach; Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Children's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. Kieron.sweeney@gmail.com (2013-02)
      McLone and Knepper's unified theory of Chiari malformation Type II (CM-II) describes how the loss of CSF via the open posterior neuropore fails to create adequate distending pressure for the developing rhomboencephalic vesicle. The authors of the present article describe the relationship between the posterior fossa volume and intracranial cerebellar volume as being related to the distance from the obex of the fourth ventricle to the myelomeningocele lesion using a common mathematical model, the Hagen-Poiseuille law.