• Anorexia Nervosa (AN) in inpatients at a children s hospital (2005-2011)

      O’Reilly, M; Carr, C; Boylan, C; Anglim, M; Houlihan, B (Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), 2014-02)
      AN is a serious mental illness best treated in the community 1 . Those with critically low weight require hospitalisation. There is little published research on AN in Ireland. The aim of this audit was to evaluate the Irish experience. The mean age on admission was 13.5 yrs which is 6mo earlier than 2002 figures. Boys represented 6/20 (30%) of admissions. On admission girls were more underweight than boys (0.4th centile V 9th centile for BMI). This was despite girls presenting to hospital sooner than boys post onset of symptoms. Aside from low weight, over-exercising and food restricting were the most common presenting features. Inpatient weight restoration is successful with a mean weekly weight gain of 930g which is within the recommended range of 500-1000g/wk. Mean hospital stay was 38 days.