• Multidisciplinary approach to consent in arthroplasty surgery

      Mohamed, KMS; Foy, D; Cogley, D; DM Niall, DM; E Sheehan, E; Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore, Co Offaly (Irish Medical Journal, 2014-06)
      The process of consenting has been in the heart of the surgical practice as the binding contract between the informed patient and the entrusted treating surgeon. This is to protect the patient' s autonomy and respect their right to determine their treatment. Consent validity relies on the provision of procedure information and the capacity of competent patient to understand it 1 . The Irish law states no medical or surgical treatment to be carried out without informed consent of the patient, however the law is not exactly clear in how much information to be provided prior to obtaining consent for administration of medical treatment or procedure 2 . The Irish medical council guidelines published in 2008 defines the significant information as any risk over 1-2% or any risk of grave consequences. It also implies the patient understanding is crucial part of the process 3 .