• Salvage of critical limb ischemia with the "trellis reserve'' of subintimal superficial femoral-popliteal artery occlusion: a new modality in managing critical limb ischemia--a case report.

      Sultan, Sherif; Heskin, Leonie; Hynes, Niamh; Akhtar, Yousaf; Cough, Val; Manning, Brian; Aremu, M; Courtney, D; Western Vascular Institute, Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, University College Hospital Galway, Ireland. sherifsultan@esatclear.ie (Vascular and endovascular surgery, 2005)
      Subintimal angioplasty is a safe, effective, but nondurable procedure in treating long superficial femoral artery occlusions in patients with severe lower limb ischemia. The authors report a case of acute thrombosis that presented 16 weeks after subintimal angioplasty. The ;;Trellis'' percutaneous thrombolytic infusion system permitted a controlled site-specific infusion of recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator (rtPA). The unique design of the ;;Trellis'' allowed complete aspiration of thrombus and avoiding regional and systemic thrombolytic side effects. The ;;Trellis'' system is effective in percutaneous management of thrombotic lesions; however, intimal dissection may need to be addressed.