• Perampanel: An audit of clinical experience using the epilepsy electronic patient record.

      Ryan, E; Colleran, N; Cullinane, P; Fitzsimons, M; Flynn, C; Delanty, N; Hennessy, M (Irish Medical Journal, 2016-07)
      Perampanel is a non-competitive antagonist of AMPA glutamate receptors on post synaptic neurons. The aim of this study was to conduct an audit of the experience of perampanel treatment in Ireland based on the interrogation of the national epilepsy electronic patient record (EPR). A retrospective audit was compiled which reviewed the progress of patients who had been treated across two regional epilepsy centres. The EPR was used to identify patients and collect information relevant to their perampanel therapy. Collected data was entered into a statistical package for social sciences for analysis using descriptive statistics. 70 patients were identified for inclusion in this audit. Partial onset epilepsy was the predominant epilepsy syndrome treated with perampanel. Eight milligrams daily was the maximum dose achieved in 31.45% (n=22). Complex partial seizures demonstrated the best seizure response to perampanel, which was optimal at doses of 4mgs to 8mgs once daily. Treatment was discontinued primarily due to side effect profile (28.5%; n=20). The common side effects reported were behavioural alteration, sedation and dizziness. Abnormal thoughts were identified in 4.2% (n=3). Overall perampanel has been shown to be an effective adjunct. The EPR was demonstrated as an effective tool for audit and research.