• Evaluating the optimum rest period prior to blood collection for fractionated plasma free metanephrines analysis

      Griffin, T.P.; Casey, R.; Wall, D.; Bell M.; O'Shea, P.M. (Practical Laboratory Medicine, 2016-05)
      The high diagnostic accuracy of plasma metanephrines (PMets) in the di-agnosis of Phaeochromocytoma/Paraganglioma (PPGL) is well established. Considerable controversy exists regarding optimum sampling conditions for PMets. The use of reference intervals that do not compromise diagnostic sensitivity is recommended. However, the optimum rest period prior to sampling has yet to be clearly established. The aim of this study was to evaluate PMets concentrations in paired blood samples collected following 30 and 40 min seated-rest prior to sampling, in patients in whom it was clinically rea-sonable to suspect that PPGL may be present.