• A comparison of propofol and amobarbital for use in the Wada test.

      Magee, James A; Pender, Niall P; Abrahams, Sharon; Thornton, John; Delanty, Norman; Fortune, Gillian M; Department of Psychology, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. (2012-06)
      129 Wada procedures were reviewed to examine the suitability of propofol (n=54) as a replacement to amobarbital (n=75) for use as an anaesthetic in the Wada test. Suitability was considered with respect to length of hemiplegia induced, the frequency of side effects and patient memory scores. Data was retrospectively collected from records of patients who had undergone the Wada procedure between 2004 and 2009 in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. No significant differences were found between the two drugs on any of the measures. The results suggest that propofol represents a suitable alternative to amobarbital for use in the Wada procedure.