• Case report: pre-eruptive intra-coronal radiolucencies revisited.

      Counihan, K P; O'Connell, A C; Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Leeds Dental Institute, Leeds, UK. katepcounihan@gmail.com (European archives of paediatric dentistry : official journal of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, 2012-08)
      Pre-eruptive intra-coronal radiolucency (PEIR) describes a radiolucent lesion located in the coronal dentine, just beneath the enamel-dentine junction of unerupted teeth. The prevalence of this lesion varies depending on the type and quality of radiographic exposure and age of patients used for assessment. The aetiology of pre-eruptive intra-coronal radiolucent lesions is not fully understood, but published clinical and histological evidence suggest that these lesions are resorptive in nature. Issues around the diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical management of this lesion are explored using previously unreported cases.
    • Treatment of open apex teeth using two types of white mineral trioxide aggregate after initial dressing with calcium hydroxide in children.

      Moore, Abigail; Howley, Mary Freda; O'Connell, Anne C; Dublin Dental School & Hospital, Dublin 2, Ireland. abigail.moore@dental.tcd.ie (2011-06)
      The clinical and radiographic success of two types of white mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as apical barriers in non-vital immature permanent incisors in children was investigated.