• An introduction to single implant abutments.

      Warreth, Abdulhadi; Fesharaki, Hamed; McConville, Ryan; McReynolds, David; Dublin Dental University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. (Dental update, 2013-01)
      This article is an introduction to single implant abutments and aims to provide basic information about abutments which are essential for all dental personnel who are involved in dental implantology. Clinical Relevance: This article provides a basic knowledge of implants and implant abutments which are of paramount importance, as replacement of missing teeth with oral implants has become a well-established clinical procedure.
    • A radiographic analysis of implant component misfit.

      Sharkey, Seamus; Kelly, Alan; Houston, Frank; O'Sullivan, Michael; Quinn, Frank; O'Connell, Brian; Division of Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology, Dublin Dental School and Hospital, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. (2011-07)
      Radiographs are commonly used to assess the fit of implant components, but there is no clear agreement on the amount of misfit that can be detected by this method. This study investigated the effect of gap size and the relative angle at which a radiograph was taken on the detection of component misfit. Different types of implant connections (internal or external) and radiographic modalities (film or digital) were assessed.
    • A review of aggressive periodontitis and an associated case report.

      Sharkey, Seamus; Chaollai, Aifric Nic; O'Sullivan, Michael; Department of Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology Dublin Dental School, Dublin, Ireland. (2009-01)
      Aggressive periodontitis is a debilitating oral disease that results in rapid destruction of the periodontal tissues. It has recently been reclassified and ongoing efforts are now being made to understand its pathogenesis and record its prevalence in the population. This case report gives a brief outline of studies that have investigated why this disease tends to occur in otherwise young healthy adults. The mechanisms behind such extensive periodontal damage are discussed. A case report of a patient with aggressive periodontitis, treated in the Dublin Dental School and Hospital, is presented and the rationale behind his treatment is discussed.