• Diabetes mellitus and its relevance to the practice of dentistry

      Wilson, Mark H; Fitpatrick, John J; McArdle, Neonin S (Irish Dental Association, 2010-06)
    • Diabetes mellitus and its relevance to the practice of dentistry.

      Wilson, Mark H; Fitzpatrick, John J; McArdle, Neonin S; Stassen, Leo F A; Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Dublin Dental School & Hospital/St James's Hospital, Dublin. (2010-06)
      Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome of abnormal carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism that results in acute and chronic complications due to the absolute or relative lack of insulin. Globally, it is expected that the number of people with diabetes will increase, and as a result dental practitioners will encounter an increasing number of patients affected by this chronic condition, which may have implications for the provision of safe and appropriate dental treatment. This article aims to provide an overview of diabetes and to discuss aspects of the condition relevant to dentistry. The article also discusses the management of diabetic emergencies in a dental practice setting.