• HIV transmission in the dental setting and the HIV-infected oral health care professional: workshop 1C.

      Flint, S R; Croser, D; Reznik, D; Glick, M; Naidoo, S; Coogan, M; Dublin Dental School and Hospital and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Stephen.flint@dental.tcd.ie (2011-04)
      This workshop addressed two important issues: first, the global evidence of HIV transmission from health care provider to patient and from patient to health care provider in the general health care environment and the dental practice setting; second, in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy, whether oral health care professionals living with HIV pose a risk of transmission to their patients and whether standard infection control is adequate to protect both the patient and the oral health care professional in dental practice. The workshop culminated in a general discussion and the formulation of a consensus statement from the participating delegates, representing more than 30 countries, on the criteria under which an HIV-infected oral health care professional might practice dentistry without putting patients at risk. This consensus statement, the Beijing Declaration, was agreed nem con.