• Curriculum structure, content, learning and assessment in European undergraduate dental education - update 2010.

      Manogue, M; McLoughlin, J; Christersson, C; Delap, E; Lindh, C; Schoonheim-Klein, M; Plasschaert, A; Leeds Dental Institute, LEEDS, UK. m.manogue@leeds.ac.uk (American Dental Education Association, 2011-08)
      This paper presents an updated statement on behalf of the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) in relation to proposals for undergraduate Curriculum Structure, Content, Learning, Assessment and Student / Staff Exchange for dental education in Europe. A task force was constituted to consider these issues and the two previous, related publications produced by the Association (Plasschaert et al 2006 and 2007) were revised. The broad European dental community was circulated and contributed to the revisions. The paper was approved at the General Assembly of ADEE, held in Amsterdam in August 2010 and will be updated again in 2015.