• An atypical presentation of mechanical failure of eruption of a mandibular permanent molar: diagnosis and treatment case report.

      Smith, C P; Al-Awadhi, E A; Garvey, M T; Dublin Dental University Hospital, Ireland. smithdentist@gmail.com (2012-06)
      Failure of eruption of mandibular permanent molars occurs infrequently but is a difficult clinical problem. It can be due to local or systemic factors or failure of the eruption process. Primary failure of eruption (PFE) is a rare condition that can result in severe posterior open bite, requires complex treatment strategies and has unfavourable outcomes. Mechanical failure of eruption (MFE) is more unusual but can respond positively to treatment. Differentiating between the two is crucial in making the correct diagnosis and managing the case successfully.
    • Treatment of ectopic first permanent molar teeth.

      Hennessy, Joe; Al-Awadhi, E A; Dwyer, Lian O; Leith, Rona; Dublin Dental School and Hospital, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, Ireland. (2012-11)
      Ectopic eruption of the first permanent molar is a relatively common occurence in the developing dentition. A range of treatment options are available to the clinician provided that diagnosis is made early. Non-treatment can result in premature exfoliation of the second primary molar, space loss and impaction of the second premolar. This paper will describe the management of ectopic first permanent molars, using clinical examples to illustrate the available treatment options. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: This paper is relevant to every general dental practitioner who treats patients in mixed dentition.