• Age-related oral changes.

      Mckenna, Gerald; Burke, Francis M; Restorative Dentistry, University College Cork, Ireland. (2010-10)
      Age-related oral changes are seen in the oral hard and soft tissues as well as in bone, the temporomandibular joints and the oral mucosa. As older patients retain their natural teeth for longer, the clinical picture consists of normal physiological age changes in combination with pathological and iatrogenic effects. Clinical Relevance: With an ageing population retaining more of its natural teeth for longer, dental professionals should expect to observe oral age changes more frequently.
    • Burning mouth syndrome and oral health-related quality of life: is there a change over time?

      Ni Riordain, R; Moloney, E; O'Sullivan, K; McCreary, C; Oral Medicine Unit, Cork University Dental School and Hospital, Wilton, Cork, Ireland. richeal.niriordain@ucc.ie (2010-10)
      The symptoms associated with burning mouth syndrome can be quite varied and can interfere with the every day lives of patients. Management of the condition can be challenging for clinicians.