• COVID-19 and Congenital Heart Disease: Results from a Nationwide Survey.

      Sabatino, Jolanda; Ferrero, Paolo; Chessa, Massimo; Bianco, Francesco; Ciliberti, Paolo; Secinaro, Aurelio; Oreto, Lilia; Avesani, Martina; Bucciarelli, Valentina; Calcaterra, Giuseppe; et al. (2020-06-08)
      This is a multi-centre, observational, nationwide survey, involving high-volume Italian CHD centres. COVID-19 diagnosis was defined as either "clinically suspected" or "confirmed", where a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) test had been performed and was positive. Cardiovascular comorbidities were observed among adult patients-atrial fibrillation (seven; 9%), hypertension (five; 7%), obesity (seven; 9%) and diabetes (one; 1%)-but were absent among children. Cardiovascular complications were mainly observed in the "confirmed" COVID-19+ group, consisting of heart failure (9%), palpitations/arrhythmias (3%), stroke/TIA (3%) and pulmonary hypertension (3%). Cardiovascular symptoms such as chest pain (1%), myocardial injury (1%) and pericardial effusion (1%) were also recorded. On the contrary, CHD patients from the clinically suspected COVID-19 group presented no severe symptoms or complications.